The Traditions Series

//The Traditions Series

The Traditions Series

-The following article is an excerpt from this Fall’s Live Oak Leaflet.-

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Imitatio  (Latin for imitation) is a term frequently used here at Live Oak Classical School, specifically when students utilize the work of a master artist or a great writer as a starting point for their own art or writing. As Christians, we can find virtue through imitating Christ—Imitatio Dei, or more closely, Imitatio Christi. Intentionally imitating Christ is a divine paradigm for our living, as we consider how Jesus provided us with many ways to interact with God and our world, and then we follow in those ways.

In 2001, Richard Foster wrote a book titled Streams of Living Water, in which he explains the concept of Imitatio Christi and the different streams that branched off the original Church when faithful followers of Christ pursued an important way that Jesus lived. In his book, Foster identifies six traditions of the Christian faith that are historically referenced to Jesus and his disciples. He then details the progression of each tradition to the present by examining the lives of heroic Christians who were dedicated to following one of the traditions. Our faculty read Streams of Living Water this summer as training for understanding the ecumenical foundation of Live Oak. We have intentionally set value on learning from and about the various Christian denominations, and we hold teaching our students how to discuss differences within our Christian faith with fair-mindedness and kindness as a priority.

We’d like to include you into our discussion and examination of the various streams by featuring small segments in this year’s Leaflets that highlight the six traditions, written by each of the faculty members who presented at our fall faculty retreat. We hope you will enjoy an enriched understanding of the Church as we describe these traditions–Contemplative, Holiness, Charismatic, Social Justice, Evangelical, and Incarnational.

Alison Moffatt, Head of School

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