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Amber Rhodes selected for the Texas All-State Choir

amberrhodesAmber Rhodes has been selected to be part of the Texas All-State Choir in San Antonio, on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center as part of the 2015 Texas Music Educators Association Clinic/Convention. She was chosen for this prestigious honor through a competitive process held this year across the state at District, Region, and Area levels. Amber is ranked as first chair Alto from Area D, Small School Division (IA to IVA).

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The Holiness Tradition

-The following article is an excerpt from this Fall’s Live Oak Leaflet.-

tradition series screen

The Holiness Tradition

“Do the next thing you know to be right.”

Dallas Willard’s comment on holiness floated into my consciousness as I sat quietly one morning. But I knew I had been living by similar sounding, though fundamentally different approach:

“Do the next thing.” 

It had been a particularly busy week, and my routine had looked something like this: Plow ahead through the responsibilities of the day, especially the urgent things. Check them off the list. Head to pillow. Collapse. Next day, repeat. “What,” I asked myself, “are the unstated goals here? Finish the to-dos? Impossible! Survive the day? Barely. Surely, I am made for more, but in my hurry I easily forget exactly what that is.”

Applying the Holiness Tradition at Live Oak

Virtue education

Richard Foster reminds me, “…the Holiness Tradition constantly holds before us the ultimate goal of the Christian life: an ever deeper formation of the inner personality so as to reflect the glory and goodness of God.”(Streams, pg. 85) The Holiness Tradition’s focus on intentional formation is a far cry from my typical reactionary response to whatever falls into my lap in a day.  But, the Holiness Tradition calls me to be “response-able, able to respond appropriately to the demands of life” (pg 82) and to focus “upon the inward re-formation of the heart and the development of ‘holy habits’” (pg 62). Foster stresses these are not rules and regulations, but a sustained attention to the heart. Further, holiness is progress, not perfectionism.

This progress is not a “works righteousness,” but it does require my effort!

By practicing spiritual disciplines, fostering companionship with other believers, and courageously continuing on towards holiness even when we fail and fall, we open ourselves to partnership with God as He, by grace over a lifetime, transforms us into the likeness of his Son.

Heart, habits, holiness. God’s work. My work.

Wendy Cox, Mathematics G5 & G6


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The Contemplative Tradition

-The following article is an excerpt from this Fall’s Live Oak Leaflet.-

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The Contemplative Tradition

Richard Foster describes the contemplative life as “the steady gaze of the soul upon the God who loves us.” Such a life involves slowing down. It involves a deliberate but delightful rest in God, but perhaps also a struggling, a wrestling with God. Above all, it involves practicing the presence of Christ in our workaday lives.

Applying the Contemplative Tradition at Live Oak

-Nature studies
-Picture Studies
-Silent prayer during chapel

Often the contemplative life has included meditation of a sort. However, unlike Buddhist meditation (when people sometimes focus on an object in the world in order to
lose themselves), Christian meditation shows us more clearly who we are by having us stop and focus completely on the God revealed to us in Scripture. It’s true that Thomas Aquinas and many others have taught that we cannot know God’s essence. Yet down the centuries, Christian meditation has drawn many people—including many of the same writers who emphasize what we can’t know about God—into the beautiful mystery of the Trinity.

Some of these men and women have talked about the sweetness and light of the presence of Jesus as characterizing Christian meditation. Others, like St. John of the Cross and the anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing, have sometimes described it as coming into the darkness of God. But, whatever language they’ve used, these Christians have almost always spoken of two things: (1) a desire for God that cuts to the core of our being and (2) that God is totally different and totally beyond us.

And yet those in the contemplative tradition would also emphasize that God is irrevocably with us. Whether we sit in silent meditation, pray the psalms, or pray the Jesus prayer (“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner”), we have a home in the contemplative tradition. All we have to do is “fix our eyes on Jesus” (Heb 12:2).

Joel Looper Grammar 6 and Rhetoric 1, Literature and Composition and Bible 

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The Traditions Series

-The following article is an excerpt from this Fall’s Live Oak Leaflet.-

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Imitatio  (Latin for imitation) is a term frequently used here at Live Oak Classical School, specifically when students utilize the work of a master artist or a great writer as a starting point for their own art or writing. As Christians, we can find virtue through imitating Christ—Imitatio Dei, or more closely, Imitatio Christi. Intentionally imitating Christ is a divine paradigm for our living, as we consider how Jesus provided us with many ways to interact with God and our world, and then we follow in those ways.

In 2001, Richard Foster wrote a book titled Streams of Living Water, in which he explains the concept of Imitatio Christi and the different streams that branched off the original Church when faithful followers of Christ pursued an important way that Jesus lived. In his book, Foster identifies six traditions of the Christian faith that are historically referenced to Jesus and his disciples. He then details the progression of each tradition to the present by examining the lives of heroic Christians who were dedicated to following one of the traditions. Our faculty read Streams of Living Water this summer as training for understanding the ecumenical foundation of Live Oak. We have intentionally set value on learning from and about the various Christian denominations, and we hold teaching our students how to discuss differences within our Christian faith with fair-mindedness and kindness as a priority.

We’d like to include you into our discussion and examination of the various streams by featuring small segments in this year’s Leaflets that highlight the six traditions, written by each of the faculty members who presented at our fall faculty retreat. We hope you will enjoy an enriched understanding of the Church as we describe these traditions–Contemplative, Holiness, Charismatic, Social Justice, Evangelical, and Incarnational.

Alison Moffatt, Head of School

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Live Oak Inducts New National Honor Society Students

Live Oak Classical School inducted thirteen new National Honor Society students September 4th, 2014 at the Live Oak convocation service.

New inductees pictured are:

(back row) Ben Garst, Ridley Holmes, Philip Moffatt, Daniel Bailey, Jonathan King, (middle) Anthony Allman, Price Brown, Jamie Jones, Ashtyn Quarles, Katherine Pitts- teacher (front) Summer Knowles, Elisabeth Lewis, Amelia Bachofen, and Hannah Tuckerweb2014LOCSconvocation-15

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Live Oak Student Blake Hyland to Receive “Stand Tall Award”


McGregor Gymnast Blake Hyland To Receive An Award

Inspired By The Film ‘When The Game Stands Tall’

Sept. 12, 2014 –Blake Hyland of McGregor, TX will be presented with the Stand Tall Award on Friday, September 12th at 4:30PM at the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas(4707 Bengal Street, Dallas, TX 75235). Blake was nearly killed in a gymnastics accident on February 18th of this year. Presenting the award to Blake is NFL wide receiver Bethel Johnson, who earned two Super Bowl rings while with the New England Patriots.

Blake was critically injured while attempting a new trick which involved jumping off of a vault, flipping and twisting in the air and landing on his feet in a foam pit. Paramedics rushed the 14 year old to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco for emergency surgery, and was later transferred to Cook Children’s. Days after the accident he was given 50/50 odds of survival. Blake not only survived but has endured a number of surgeries along with months of rehabilitation. Due to his hard work and determination, Blake has just recently tested at his grade level (9th grade) or higher in education. His tenacity exemplifies the qualities deserving of Dallas‘ Stand Tall Award.

Sony Pictures and Lids are partnering together on the Stand Tall Awards inspired by Sony’s new film When the Game Stands Tall, currently in theaters nationwide. The Stand Tall Awardswill be given out in select markets, including Dallas, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Nashville, New Orleans and more, to honor high school sport teams, coaches and athletes who have overcome hardships and triumphed in the face of adversity. These inspirational honorees will be presented with a gift card to the sports apparel store Lids along with an additional $500 cash prize.

Across the country as school sports get into full swing, athletes are experiencing WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL together. The film features Jim Caviezel (THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST,Person of Interest) as Coach Bob Ladouceur, who led his De La Salle High School Spartans to the nation’s longest win streak with a focus on commitment, character and giving a “perfect effort.”

For additional information contact: Sally Smolenski / Moroch Entertainment – 214-520-5646

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RenWeb Home App

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