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Live Oak Classical School is committed to preparing our students to pursue higher education, not as a means to attain financial security or social status but as the next step in a lifetime of learning and discipleship directed toward their true end. Therefore, with the assistance of faculty and administration, the college counselor guides students and families through every stage of college planning, from identifying aptitudes and interests to navigating the admissions and financial aid processes.


Our goal is for Live Oak graduates to understand the nature and purpose of higher education beyond vocational training and to have made informed and prudent decisions about where to matriculate. Therefore we expect students to research colleges and careers, to take both the ACT and the SAT, to visit multiple campuses, and to apply to at least three schools. Although no college is a perfect fit and every student must adapt to college life, we expect our graduates to flourish because of a combination of effort and environment.


Beginning in the Logic III year, the counselor regularly communicates with students and families regarding course schedules, academic progress, standardized tests, college applications, financial aid, and so on. The counselor also coordinates administration of the PSAT, arranges visits by college representatives and trips to college fairs, assists the registrar with advisement and transcripts, sends monthly newsletters, updates physical and online resources – including a number of books available for checkout – and maintains regular office hours in order to meet with students and families.