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Faculty Spotlight: The Power of Persuasive Arguments with Mr. Graham

Mr. Graham’s college studies focused on exploring the mechanics of the world. He majored in Mathematics and Physics at Spring ArborUniversity in Spring Arbor, Michigan. However, as he continued to study, he found that numbers could not begin to answer many of his questions. As a result, he started taking classes in philosophy as well to approach the questions that numbers could not address.

After college, Mr. Graham taught physics in a public school in Arkansas for two years. Hearing about Live Oak from a friend of a friend ten years prior, Mr. Graham decided to take a chance and move to Waco. Beginning to teach at Live Oak, he watched as philosophy, physics, and mathematics, which were so “transformative” in his own life, begin to transform his students as well.

For Mr. Graham, no question is off limits. He admires and uses the classical method because students can approach questions freely. Mr. Graham thinks allowing freedom in the classroom equips students to pursue a variety of questions. Persuasive arguments help students to participate in shaping society. 

Mr. Graham’s job requires his own use of the problem-solving logic he teaches. While not being officially trained in IT, he successfully tackles any technological problems the school may have. When teaching, he has had to learn to appreciate the differences in each student even though a mathematician’s tendency can be to treat all students as identical parts of a formula. Through his love of logic in mathematics and philosophy, Mr. Graham has helpfully taught every graduate of Live Oak to pursue truth.

Martin Graham teaches Rhetoric science and serves as IT Director at Live Oak.

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