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Community Spotlight: Dr. Sriram on Students Learning How to Learn

Live Oak parent and Professor of Higher Education Dr. Rishi Sriram, father of Ellis and Lily, discusses how Live Oak teaches his children how to learn and how to think.

Student Spotlight: Jack Counseller (’19) on Valuing Versatility

Class of 2019 Jack Counseller discusses how Live Oak taught him to value versatility and why he plans to continue cultivating it in college.

Community Spotlight: Classical Education as Multicultural with Parent Carlos Colón

Live Oak parent Carlos Colón, father of RIII students Elise and Monica Colón, reflects on the impact of Live Oak on his daughters, the multicultural roots of classical education, the meaning of ecumenism and more.

Student Spotlight: International Student Neo Kiyomiya on Adjusting

RI student Neo Kiyomiya reflects on her favorite aspects of her year at Live Oak. Neo’s parents are working at Baylor and the Kiyomiya family will return to Japan at the end of the school year.

Alumni Spotlight: Zach Garst (’14) on Why Business Needs the Humanities

Zachary Garst (Live Oak Class of 2014) talks about where he sees the need for the liberal arts in the business world.

Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Vanek on Teaching Tenacity

Chuck Vanek, in his words, “went to school to become a teacher.” Drawn to the profession for its relational characteristics, Mr. Vanek became a teacher to have an impact on the lives of kids. This desire came through the friendship and mentorship of someone in his high school: a History teacher named Bill. Two months […]

Alumni Spotlight: Literature in Engineering with Garand Tyson

Faculty Spotlight: The Power of Persuasive Arguments with Mr. Graham

Mr. Graham’s college studies focused on exploring the mechanics of the world. He majored in Mathematics and Physics at Spring ArborUniversity in Spring Arbor, Michigan. However, as he continued to study, he found that numbers could not begin to answer many of his questions. As a result, he started taking classes in philosophy as well […]

Faculty Spotlight: Classical Kindergarten with Mrs. Snowden

Mrs. Snowden began her career as a substitute teacher for junior high, but she soon found her niche with kindergarten children. She appreciates kindergarteners’ sponge-like absorption of the world around them and their wonder at creation. After substitute teaching, she began teaching Kindergarten at a private school in Mississippi for a short time. But she […]

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Barnes on Defragmenting Education

It was in her first philosophy course in college that Dr. Barnes had an intellectual wake-up call.  Before that, she felt she had never been introduced to concepts larger than herself in school. But listening in on the “Great Conversation” of the authors of classic works of the western tradition gave her the dose of […]

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