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Student Spotlight: Live Oak Seniors Recognized by National Merit

Live Oak seniors recognized for National Merit achievements are (from left) Monica Colón, Kevin Morris, Carter Mencken, Matthew Day, Connor Ford, and Elise Colón. Photo by Doug Fitzjarrell.   Live Oak Classical school has six seniors recognized this year through the National Merit Program. In 2017, over 1.6 million students took the Preliminary SAT test. […]

Alumni Spotlight: Drew Mackenzie on Choosing UVA Law

One month ago, class of 2014 alumnus Drew Mackenzie began his first year at the University of Virginia School of Law. For Drew, the draw to the law profession is an extension of both his intellectual interests and theological convictions. Drew spent his undergraduate years at Baylor University and pursued a degree in the University […]

Community Spotlight: Doug Dwyer Wins Albert Schweitzer Leadership Award

Live Oak father Doug Dwyer was recently recognized by Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) as a role model to high schoolers; this organization exists to inspire young students to make a positive difference in their communities. HOBY hosts annual programs throughout the nation with service-learning experiences and leadership trainings, all aimed at equipping high school […]

Alumni Spotlight: All About The Arts With MiMi Tarter and Garand Tyson

Every year, the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) selects a male a female “Fine Arts Student of the Year.” TAPPS has a combined enrollment of over 40,000 students from 230 schools, divided into six classifications. The fine arts award includes the disciplines of music, theatre, speech, robotics, and dance, highlighting students who […]

Alumni Spotlight: Running The Race With Ridley Holmes

Class of 2016 alumnus Ridley Holmes made history earlier this year by being the first Live Oak student to run the Boston Marathon. Over 100 years old, the Boston Marathon is one of the most historic races in the country. Athletes must qualify for the race with a competitive time of three hours and five […]

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