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About Live Oak

Our Mission

Live Oak Classical School strives to equip students to love God with all their hearts, souls, and minds (Matt. 22:37). We draw on the classical tools of learning to prepare students to reason clearly, communicate effectively, and act responsibly in the world—all for the glory of God.

Our Name

In its naming, Live Oak Classical School draws on the rich significance of the oak tree in Scripture and in our local environment.  The prophet Isaiah likens the Lord’s people to “oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified” (Isaiah 61:3b).  We seek to nourish the oaks that the Lord plants by cultivating rich educational soil in which His children can grow deep roots and training strong branches with which they can reach lofty goals for His glory.  Live Oak Classical School is named not simply for this symbolic oak but emphasizes that the oak is “live”.  Charlotte Mason, a classical educator whose philosophy underlies ours, was a great proponent of children spending time among living things in nature and reading “living” books—books that immerse students in the joy of learning with passionately written, powerful stories.  We hope to awaken children’s minds to an abundant life made possible by a fully integrated Christian worldview.  It is no coincidence that the live oak tree is native to Texas.  We firmly believe that a classical Christian school is the natural outgrowth of our surroundings and a way we can serve our community.  

Our Crest & Motto

In keeping with the classical tradition, Live Oak’s crest is a wreath of leaves evoking the Greek and Roman laurel wreaths worn as a sign of honor.  Inside the wreath is an acorn, the oak tree’s seed.  Just as the fragile acorn matures into the strong, towering oak tree, we pray that the children we educate mature into strong, faithful followers of Christ.  These “seeds” are at the center of our mission, which is why the acorn is in the center of our crest.  The acorn is emblazoned with a cross to emphasize that it is Christ’s work which produces the growth.  Emanating from the acorn is the radiance of Christ’s work in our students’ lives, a radiance which will not be hidden but will shine into the community to show the glory of God.

Our motto, “fides quaerens intellectum” (“faith seeking understanding”), is taken from St. Anselm of the 11th century, who saw faith as the guiding force behind understanding and understanding as a way to appreciate the world God created.  Like St. Anselm, we embrace the harmony of faith and understanding, not the divorce of the sacred and secular that pervades our modern world.

The School, Faculty, and Students

Live Oak Classical School, the first classical school in Central Texas, educates over 430 students from Junior Kindergarten through twelfth grade at three developmentally appropriate levels: Grammar (JK-6th grade), Logic (7th -9th grade), and Rhetoric (10th-12th grade).  Faculty at Live Oak guide students through each level with dedication, expertise, enthusiasm, and a heart for shepherding children.  Most of Live Oak’s faculty members hold advanced degrees in their subject matter or early childhood education.  Students at Live Oak, while average to above average in ability, are characterized by their intellectual curiosity and eagerness to embrace academic challenges.  Students and teachers represent over fifty different churches, coming together in a truly ecumenical community.  Live Oak steadfastly affirms the essential Christian doctrines but remains a safe environment for students from diverse denominations to explore their faith.  Weekly Chapel fosters unity by emphasizing common convictions in Christ and learning from our diversity.

The Curriculum

At the core of all we do is Christ and seeing Him glorified.  Our academic program strives to equip students to love God with all their minds (Matt. 22:37) and to explore arenas of knowledge from the conviction that all truth is ultimately God’s truth.  We strive to integrate faith and learning in meaningful ways so that the spiritual and intellectual spheres are seamless.  To that end, students are educated in the classical tradition to see Christ in every area of study.

Our academic program draws from the rich heritage of the Western liberal arts tradition.  In literature classes, students study the “great books” that have inspired thinkers in every age.  History classes are organized chronologically so students develop a deep understanding of how each age proceeds from and is a response to the last.  Scientific principles are uncovered through hands-on experimentation, and the study of mathematics lays the foundation for the logical thought process.  Students learn both classical and modern languages, communicating with worlds past and present, near and far.  These academic endeavors are paired with competitive athletics, a deep appreciation for the fine arts, and responsible use of technology to create a well-rounded curriculum.

In everyday life at Live Oak, we foster a learning community in which children are trained to know, love, and practice that which is true, good, and beautiful.  

Core Values 

From a Christian worldview, we strive to integrate faith and learning in meaningful ways.  We encourage an ecumenical environment by affirming the essential tenets of Christianity and celebrating traditions of different denominations.

Using the classical method, we embrace the liberal arts and are committed to teaching students grammar, logic, and rhetoric at levels that are developmentally appropriate.  

With the influence of Charlotte Mason, we seek to bring life and love to learning through “living” books and ideas.  We uncover delight, wonder, and beauty in all we study.  We view children as gifts to be cherished rather than students to be kept busy in mindless drudgery.

We strive to cultivate our resources with wise stewardship, making Live Oak affordable and diverse through scholarship opportunities and ethnic, racial, and economic diversity initiatives.  We are mindful that we are planning a school with a legacy.  We establish policies for budgets, teacher salaries, tuition discounts/remission and financial aid/scholarships consistent with our school’s ethos.

We instill a sense of citizenship in students through character-building and leadership opportunities, the intentional teaching of good habits and virtues, and an emphasis on community involvement, especially through service opportunities.  We provide clear expectations and rules for disciplined behavior.

Our School Anthem

“Oaks of Righteousness”

Verse 1:

Fides quaerens intellectum

Fill our hearts and train our minds

So in wisdom and in stature

We may grow by Thy grace divine


As oaks of righteousness

Standing resolute

May our roots grow deep

In the soil of God’s own Truth

Oaks of righteousness

Let this be our plea –

As we learn and serve

May we honor Thee

Verse 2:

Fides quaerens intellectum

Love the Lord with all thy mind

Knock and it shall be opened unto you

If ye seek then ye shall find

Words and music by Carolyn Still
December 2003
For Live Oak Classical School

Affiliations & Accreditation

Live Oak Classical School is a member of the Society for Classical Learning and the Texas Colloquium of Classical Schools. Live Oak Classical School is accredited by AdvancedEd/SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and undergoing accreditation with SAIS (Southern Association of Independent Schools).  Our athletic program operates in the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS).

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