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Education is never neutral. It is more than the mere transmission of facts; it involves the communication of life principles and values. Therefore, at Live Oak the understanding of God as Creator will underlie our study as we seek to illustrate the story of God’s interaction with humankind through the study of history, literature and the fine arts. Education should not be indoctrination, but rather the equipping of students to love God with all their minds (Matt.22:37), to ask probing questions, and to fearlessly explore the various arenas of knowledge from the conviction that all truth is ultimately God’s truth. At Live Oak we seek to integrate faith and learning, so that students’ vigorous study of the academic disciplines can serve to deepen and undergird their Christian commitment as they come to realize “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” (Psalm 24:1).


Ecumenical Ethos

Live Oak is not affiliated with any particular church. We uphold the most basic tenets of historical Christianity as articulated in our Faith Statement. At Live Oak we strive to foster an atmosphere of unity in Jesus Christ which emphasizes our common convictions and is respectful of our diversity.