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School Culture

A school’s culture is largely intangible. It is the atmosphere that you sense when you walk into a school or talk to the students and teachers within. Tangible policies and practices contribute to it, but school culture is something more; it is what emerges when persons assemble. Elements of school culture include the beliefs, values, and attitudes that children bring from home as well as those conveyed by the faculty, the school’s policies, the schedules and routines of the school, curriculum choice, and more. At Live Oak, we seek a school culture that values excellence and service.  Our students show respect to authority, peers, and visitors.  Early on Rhetoric students self-designated that Live Oak students should lead with humility and also follow with strength.  Books, drama, nature, athletics and students’ successes in any field are celebrated at Live Oak.

The most important influence on school culture is the faculty.  At Live Oak Classical School we have teachers who are actively engaging students in the educational process.  We use hands-on projects and manipulatives.  We read and discuss not just facts but ideas with students.  We asks layers and layers of questions.  We converse with our students daily to build trust and relationship.  Our faculty know and care about each student.

The purpose of a uniform is to instill an attitude of attentiveness and respect towards our studies, minimize the distraction of fashion, eliminate dress code conflicts, and help forge a distinctive school culture.

Partnership with Parents & Families
At Live Oak we affirm that parents are a child’s first and best teachers. We desire to work in tandem with parents, assisting them in their God-given task to train their children in mind, body and spirit. Consequently, parents can expect our faculty and administrators to maintain strong lines of communication with parents regarding their child. We anticipate that parents will regularly participate in the success of our school through their prayers and volunteerism.

Excellence without Elitism
At Live Oak, we desire to make a Christian classical education accessible to any child who would benefit most from this style of learning and instruction. Therefore, we welcome applicants from various levels of academic achievement and from all economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. We do provide significant needs-based tuition assistance to qualified applicants.  Our faculty and staff lend support to all of our students to help with transition.

Live Oak Classical School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational, admission, financial aid or employment policies, or any other programs administered by the school.

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