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Shadowing Student FAQ

Shadowing Student FAQs

What should my child wear?  Your student may wear whatever they like, but we ask that they honor these dress code policies:

Shorts and skirts should be credit card length from the knee

No spaghetti straps

No offensive graphic T-Shirts

No mid-rift exposed


What should my child bring? They should bring lunch, a snack, and a water bottle. One exception is on our Preview Day Events lunch will be provided.  It is also a good idea to bring a book to read.

What time should my child be there? From 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Where should I go to drop them off? Our Grammar Building, which is at 400 S. 4th Street.

Who will my student shadow?  We pair a visiting students with a current student in their grade and they go everywhere that student goes.  When students are in 6th grade and looking at 7th grade, we split the time between 6th and 7th.

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