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Classical Approach

At Live Oak, students not only learn content but pursue the heart of learning itself: the art of thinking.  Live Oak draws on the wisdom of the medieval trivium, teaching students in three developmentally appropriate stages: in Grammar, students are learning to use language well to speak of the world; in Logic, when students are predisposed to question existing structures, they think deeply and reason carefully to discern the interrelationship of facts within a discipline and among disciplines; finally, in Rhetoric, when students want to engage with the world around them, they synthesize what is gained in the first two stages to formulate, articulate, and defend their positions in speech and writing.  A Live Oak education is designed to meet students’ deepest intellectual desires at each developmental stage.

Our academic program draws from the rich heritage of the Western liberal arts tradition.  In literature classes, students study the “great books” that have inspired thinkers in every age.  History classes are organized chronologically so students develop a deep understanding of how each age proceeds from and is a response to the last.  Scientific principles are uncovered through hands-on experimentation, and the study of mathematics lays the foundation for the logical thought process.  Students learn both classical and modern languages, communicating with worlds past and present, near and far, and students’ lives are enriched with a deep appreciation for the fine arts.

At the heart of a Live Oak education is understanding motivated by delight and wonder.  Following in the tradition of nineteenth-century British educator Charlotte Mason, Live Oak inspires students to delight in the world around them and experience wonder at the beauty and diversity of creation.  Live Oak students regularly find themselves surrounded by nature, observing and understanding it first-hand, but they also immerse themselves in “living books” and “living ideas,” imaginatively taking part in the stories, ideas, and events that have shaped humanity.

At Live Oak, the demands of a classical education are carefully balanced with each student’s spiritual and emotional well-being.  The quest for knowledge never outshines the call to live in Christian community, building one another up rather than degrading one another through excessive competition or meaningless drudgery.  While we maintain rigorous academic standards for our students, learning is above all regarded as a gift from God that inspires awe and appreciation for the world we seek to understand.

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